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What are the things we took for traveling and fitness? Here are the ones we took...or wish we had taken!

In our Shop under 'Shop Our Favorites' you'll notice some of our favorite packing essentials. Disclaimer: we did not use all of these however, we wish he had.

The first item is an Earth-Park backpack, This backpack is absolutely perfect. In the image, it shows a shoulder strap and the sizes under 40L have a shoulder strap. If you purchase a 40L or more, it comes with double straps. I personally traveled with a 40L and loved it. One thing I'd do different is purchase a 50L to fit more. Overall, this waterproof backpack is great quality, great price, and can be utilized for more than just a travel backpack.

The microfiber towels are not a must however, you might encounter a situation where you wish you had brought a compact towel. We brought a medium size and have used it about 4 times throughout our trip. It's great quality, dries quickly, and a perfect size to throw in a bag. Check it out here:

The Cotopaxi packing cubes!! Although we didn't bring packing cubes, I wish I had purchased some to stay more organized. Depending on how you organize your travels, they may be a nice addition to packing. At times, we stayed in a city for a short period of time and as you can imagine, unpacking and packing frequently can be a pain. Had we packed our clothing in cubes, the process of unpacking and packing would be much more efficient. Cotopaxi is a growing company with a wonderful mission and amazing quality. Check them out here:

The Amazon toiletry bags aren't a necessity but may come in handy. At times we needed a ziplock bag and it would have been nice if we had brought some reusable ones for snacks, products, and more. These toiletry bags are TSA safe and based on reviews and ratings appear to be great quality and economical. See them here:

Travel bottles are a must if you have a specific skin care routine, cosmetic products, etc. I absolutely love these travel bottles. They are TSA approved and easy to clean. This pack is perfect for face wash, shampoo, conditioner, lotion, creams, etc. It has a pump bottle which I really like for lotions. See it here:

Lastly, a cosmetic bag! I find foldable cosmetic bags so ideal for traveling. It helps maintain organization and easy to hang up. It keeps all products in one place so I'm (Ana here) not scavenging through different pockets for a product. Here is a good option with high reviews from Amazon:

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