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Our Hotel Choice near Pamukkale, Turkey for Fitness

Nice rooms, gym, and Turkish Bath...

Fit couple traveling to Pamukkale, Turkey
Bain and Ana at Pamukkale, Turkey

Pamukkale, Turkey invokes images of crystal clear pools with a perfect cloud white background, with you taking the most amazing Instagram photo not looking at the camera but looking over the Turkish valley nearby, only to post the picture and find out 24 hours later you went viral and have modeling contracts waiting on you to sign.

We had briefly read before visiting Pamukkale that entrance to the pools are no longer allowed, but went with high hopes that this wasn't true. Unfortunately, the rumors were true and you could only walk barefoot up a marked path to see the pools and surrounding sites. We are sorry to ruin your Instagram model dreams. However, don't be depressed as the site is still beautiful and we have the perfect hotel for you nearby!

Our amazing room in Denizli, Turkey
Our amazing room in Denizli, Turkey

When traveling to Pamukkale, Turkey, most people stay in a nearby city called Denizli as the area immediately around Pamukkale is very small with minimal accommodations. Denizli is a larger city with great hotels, restaurants, and all the trappings of a big city. We chose to stay at Angels Park Hotel and didn't regret it!

Angels Park Hotel has great reception which helped us navigate the area, find restaurants, and order taxis. The room was extremely clean with a comfortable bed, TV (all channels in Turkish), and a large closet hidden by a window mural. The bathroom was very nice with good towels, a lavish sink and shower, and good hot water pressure. We usually choose Air BNBs with a kitchen so we can cook healthy food, but in this instance we were very happy we chose Angels Park.

Traveling with US dollars to Turkey at the time of writing is very advantageous, making dinners for two people around a maximum of $25. We ordered room service one night and it was promptly delivered, delicious, and extremely affordable. The breakfast at Angels Park Hotel was one of the best tasting and healthiest we experienced in all of Turkey, and that's saying a lot as Turkish breakfasts are world famous. Oatmeal, hard boiled eggs, veggies, and lots of other goodness to be eaten.

Breakfast at Angels Park Hotel in Denizli, Turkey
Breakfast at Angels Park Hotel in Denizli, Turkey

The most impressive thing about the hotel, and concurrently the reason we chose it, is found in the lower levels. The gym is small but packs a large punch for your fitness with cardio equipment, dumbbells, booty bands, and a dip/pull-up rack. I absolutely destroyed my arms and back using this equipment and felt so amazing! Ana ran on the treadmill then did a large number of hip thrusts and other leg exercises. There's a small bench to be used with the dumbbells along with yoga mats for floor exercises.

The gym at Angels Park Hotel
The gym at Angels Park Hotel

As if the room, food, and gym weren't enough, Angels Park has a spa right next to the gym! The sauna is newly built and kept at a perfect temperature. There's also a steam room across from the sauna. Also, for a grand finale, Angels Park has its own Turkish Bath area! We hit a workout, sat in the sauna, and then bathed in the Turkish Bath area with cold water on beautiful blue and white tiles. None of the areas were busy and there were attendants available to keep the area clean.

Fit couple, Ana and Bain, in the Turkish Bath area of Angels Park Hotel
Ana and Bain in the Turkish Bath area of Angels Park Hotel

We hope you enjoy Angels Park Hotel as much as we did! It's a great combo of clean room, healthy food, adequate gym, and spa which we know you will enjoy while traveling!

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