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Madrid's Cost-effective Hotel/Apartment Gym

Updated: Nov 22, 2022

Cheap stays with fitness capabilities for the win.

Madrid's Air BNBs are EXPENSIVE! We chose one outside of the city in Alcobendas at Livensa Living Studios.

This place was a perfect mix of hotel and apartment- nice gym plus a small kitchen for healthy cooking. We worked out multiple days in the gym but it was perfect for Leg day. Here's what we did:

Ana- ran 20 min

Bain- mobility exercises

Together- Leg extensions 1X25, 1X20, 1x15, 1x12, 1x12 *increasing weight

Bain- Romanian Deadlifts with Smith Machine 4x8

Ana- squat, curl, press with dumbbells 3x12

Together- TABATA dumbbell lungers for Bain, dummbell squats for Ana

Together- Hip Thrusts with Smith Machine 5x10-12. Get heavy!

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