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I LOVED This Protein Shake in Puebla, Mexico

Shake Shake Shake, Shake yaaaaa booottyyyyyyy...

Mr. Shake's Decoration Puebla, Mexico
Mr. Shake's Iconic Wall

Protein shakes are one of our "naughty healthy addictions." When we lived in Tempe, AZ, we sampled different protein shakes throughout The Valley and luckily lived by one which we considered a Top 5 establishment.

First, the answer to your question is...Yes, whole foods are better than getting your nutrients through a shake. But there's something about adding 20 g of protein to your macros while drinking something delicious. AKA "naughty healthy addiction."

Ana, myself, and her family were on a roadtrip throughout Mexico, and we spent 1 full day in Puebla. I was able to find an interesting gym (coming soon in another blog post) for some good fitness, and afterwards I was craving a protein shake. Surprisingly there are many places to get fresh juice but not many where a nice boy could find a protein shake. Luckily, I was able to find Mr. Shake!

Side note: One fitness store suggested buying vegan protein powder and then having a juice store add it to the fresh juice. Brilliant, and I'm honestly ashamed I had never though of it. Also, this idea can be used for traveling. Single protein packets in powder form are light and don't take up much room. Bingo!

Mr. Shake has a fantastic assortment of bowls, snacks, and shakes with very natural ingredients and the sweetest owner. I got the chocoavellano shake, made with pure cacao, with oatmeal and a banana added. My goodness that protein shake was delicious. You can see the menu in the background.

Owner of Mr. Shake in Puebla, Mexico who offers protein shakes
Mrs. Shake...if you will.

I told the owner about this little blog and she informed us that she also runs fitness classes and personal training from the secondary room of Mr. Shake! Whaaaaaaaa?! I was mindblown. We didn't have time to partake in the class, but here's a picture of the layout.

Mr. Shake's Fitness Area in Puebla, Mexico
Mr. Shake's Fitness Area

Also, the owner of Mr. Shake does call-in orders and will have the shake ready for you when you arrive if you use WhatsApp. Perfect for some protein to-go on your way to some fitness.

Enjoy this little protein spot in Puebla, Mexico!

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