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Crete Provided an Ocean View Workout Spot

Updated: Nov 17, 2022

No gym... time to use each other

Crete is a BIG island! Way bigger than we expected when initially planning our trip. We decided to focus on the eastern half of the island which meant missing of the touristic locations such as the Pink Beach and Chania on the western half. Unfortunately for us, it also meant not finding any gyms in Hersonissos. Here's what we did:

Found a nearby hill and did 10 sets of 60 meter sprints.

Then for Bain:

5 sets of pike pushups to failure

1 set reverse grip pushups to failure

5 sets of archer pushups to failure

5 sets of squats with Ana on his back until failure

5 sets of good mornings with Ana on his back until failure

Then for Ana:

5 sets of pushups to failure

2 sets jumping jacks with a touch to the ground in the middle

5 sets squats to failure

5 sets pulse squats


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