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A Review of Sport City Gym in Monterrey, Mexico

Overall I'd say 8.5 out of 10 on our infamous Bain and Ana Gym Rating Scale

Two girls entering Sport City gym in Monterrey, Mexico
Ana and her cousin entering Sport City

We spent the 2022 holidays in Monterrey, Mexico and really enjoyed the city, food, and, of course, family time. Luckily for our fitness goals, our family members used a nearby luxury gym named Sport City and offered to take us daily, likely because they know I get a bit cranky if I don't get some exercise in daily.

Sport City has a "bring a buddy" pass if you have been a member of the gym for . If you choose the day pass option the price was $350 (around $15 USD at time of writing). Personally, I think visiting the gym with a free pass is worth it (obviously), and also joining the gym if you move to the city would be worth it. However, $15 per day to use the gym and amenities is a bit pricey for Mexico.

Sport City has all the machines you could ever need, except for a hip thrust machine. They have multiple stations for dips, assisted pull-ups, leg curls and extensions, chest machines, and many others. The dumbbell area was very well stocked with multiple sets of each weight, although it was messy sometimes (as pictured below).

Dumbbells and equipment in Sport City Monterrey, Mexico
Messy yet awesome dumbbell area

All of the benches and equipment in the area was functional and in good shape. They had two Smith Machines, squat rack, bench press, decline bench press, and incline bench press in the same area. I would have expected a gym of this size to have multiples of some staple stations, such as squat rack and bench press, but they were never overly busy and these stations were readily available.

Bench Presses in Sport City
Bench Presses in Sport City

Sport City also has a functional fitness area with blocked off squares in front of mirrors for your Crossfit-esque needs. They had one extra barbell that I noticed with bumper plates but most members were using the smaller, pre-made weighted bars. Also nearby was an amazing climbing wall, but it looked like it hadn't been in use for years. The bottom was full of equipment including a rower which members often used.

Functional Fitness area of Sport City
Functional fitness area

The pool was in use every single time I was there, as was the plethora of cardio equipment including treadmills, stair machines, and bikes.

The locker rooms were extremely useful as the staff gives you a key for a locker and towel every time you check in to the gym. It also contained an AMAZING sauna which I used every single day after my workout. Here is why:,such%20as%20pulmonary%20diseases%20including

All in all, Sport City had everything I needed and had some great amenities. I'd highly recommend it during your time in Monterrey.

Sport City in Monterrey, Mexico
Sport City in Monterrey, Mexico

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