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About Us and Our Passion

One fateful spring day Bain was eating lunch at the Memorial Union of Arizona State University's campus. He was in full OCP military uniform as he had to teach ROTC classes that day. As he looks out on the cacti landscaped campus he sees a beautiful girl sitting by herself, working on her laptop at a nearby table. Bain and his co-workers need to go back to the office so Bain intently walks close to the young lady on his way back. They connect eyes; the chemistry is intense. Bain uses the ultimate pickup line, "Hey there." She responds, "Hey." Bain goes back to his office and says he will return to the Memorial Union in 30 minutes "to get a snack" and if the beautiful girl is still there, he will initiate a conversation. Well, it just so happened that the gorgeous young lady was still there, the conversation happened, and the rest is history.

We are so happy that you have found this page! Since the day we met, we have made fitness and healthy eating a priority in our relationship. Ana played sports her whole life, and actually was a point guard in Benedictine University's basketball program. Bain is a power lifter, calisthenis apasionado, and recovering crossfitter. Together we enjoy any type of fitness, from sprints to HIIT to 1 rep max. We decided to combine this lifestyle with another passion- seeing the world together. Traveling and fitness usually don't mix well. Most people experience weight gain, loss of strength and muscle mass, joint issues, and other negative affects from traveling. We are here to change that. 

Bain and Ana at Angel's landing in Zion National Park, Utah
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